About Us


The Aeroblade Customer service team pride themselves in being the best in the business. This is achieved by training our staff extensively to ensure you receive the best customer service experience possible. Time and time again this has been proven by our loyal customers and their positive feedback.


The designers at Aeroblade are constantly identifying trends and looking at products currently in the market to keep you, the customer up to date with the latest and greatest. We also pride ourselves in market leading technology that is continually being updated and developed to help deliver innovative products to the Australian market.


Aeroblade understands that Quality is a key factor to all products released into the market. Our Quality Control team insure that from the concept stage through to the final production phase that the quality of goods being produced is nothing but the best. By sourcing the finest quality materials, we are able to offer our customers a product that not only looks amazing, but has also been built to last.

Aeroblade was founded in 2012 by a small team based in Brisbane, Queensland, who were focused on providing quality products and innovative designs to the Australian market.


Since the formation of Aeroblade, there have been multiple successful designs hit the marketplace in Australia, and that number is growing by the year with opportunities arising to expand overseas.


Aeroblade have seen a vast increase in their following, which can only be explained by the use of the revolutionary DC technology that most of the range offers, and undeniable appeal guaranteed to complement any space.


By being dedicated to our 3 core values, Aeroblade has tripled in size over a short amount of time, with growth continuing year by year.