For pricing enquiries, you will need to contact your local stockist. Click HERE to be redirected to find your local stockist. We cannot provide pricing information as it does slightly vary from store to store.

There are a number of stockists throughout the country who stock Aeroblade products. If you live in rural areas or cannot find a stockist near you, we also have a range of online stockists who offer delivery. Our website has a full list of all of our stockists including the online retailers, click HERE to be redirected.

The Lumen output and wattage of the LED Lights in our fans do slightly vary between the model. We have found that the lights in the Aeroblade Ceiling fans are enough to light a room comfortably.

Quantum Light Kit: 19WLED – 1250-1400lm

Trident Light Kit: 24WLED – 1836-1890lm

Harrier: 3 x E27 up to 14W per bulb

Breeze: 2 x E27 up to 15W per bulb




Yes. All of our fans come with the option for an extension rod which allows the ceiling fan to be installed on raked ceilings. Please check the specific product page of the fan you are looking for to see what the maximum ceiling rake is.

The extension rod is used because the fan will need to hang low enough so that the fan blades do not connect with the raked ceiling.

Certain models in the Aeroblade range can be installed in an undercover outdoor area.

Please look on the specific product page of the fan you are looking at to find out whether it is outdoor approved.


At this stage the fans in our range do not have a Home Automation Kit available for integration.

DC Ceiling fans come with a remote control as standard, whereas AC Ceiling Fans come with a Wall Controller as standard.

There is no wall controller available for the Quantum, Harrier, Trident or Turbine currently.

The Breeze ceiling fan comes standard with a wall controller and there is also the option for a remote control with this model.

No. Aeroblade fans have inbuilt transformers that require 240V to power the internal electronics, and the use of solar power is not a sufficient power source.

Aeroblade do not warrant the use of solar panels or inverters etc.

Under Australian standards the minimum height from floor to the lowest part of the fan needs to be at least 2100mm.

An extension rod is used if the fan is being installed on a raked ceiling, they are also used on high ceilings.
We recommend any ceiling with a height of 3100mm or more, you will need to use an extension rod.

The fan will need to be installed at least 1 metre from the tip of the blade to the nearest vent or air-conditioning split system. If the fans are installed any closer than this, it can cause air that is being pushed out of the vents to rock the blades back and forth. In some cases, a noise also develops because when the fan is turned on, the constant air being pushed directly on the blade set it will cause it to make air movement sounds.

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